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About us

Founded in New York City, LUX1 USA Group has worked for 20 years providing services with excellence to delight and create unforgettable experiences for our customers.

Headquartered in Miami, we master all the details and go to great lengths to plan and deliver the best executive transportation and leisure experience on land or at sea.

We assume a serious commitment to discretion, security and punctuality to serve you with high quality.

Our customers

"One of the most amazing experiences I've ever had!"

"The captain made the ride even more special by offering me a moment of reflection and contemplation."

"I highly recommend LXmarine1 for anyone looking for an unforgettable experience along the coast of Miami."

"I always use LUX1's car service because of their punctuality and safety."

"The driver was extremely discreet and respectful throughout the entire trip, ensuring that all information discussed on the phone inside the vehicle remained in absolute secrecy."

"I felt extremely comfortable discussing business with LUX1's driver by my side."